Written accounts of World Day events in the form of articles are welcomed by their organizers and often kept for records.
On this page will be found a selection of articles, in pdf or jpeg, listed under continents:


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Global Publications

WHO Newsletter – Summary  WDR events 2004
BBC World News, FIA Foundation, WDR 2009
CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention) Announcement



South Africa, Sunday Tribune, WDR 2007
South Africa, Mercury, WDR 2009
South Africa, The Mirror, WDR 2010


America North


Ecuador, ElComercio, WDR 2008
Ecuador, Telegrafo, WDR 2008
Argentina, El Domingo, WDR 2011



Thailand, Bangkok Post, WDR 2006
Philippines, Daily Star, WDR 2008
India, PHI-Asianet News, WDR 2011



Luxemburg, Le Quotidien, WDR 2004
Luxemburg, La Voix, WDR 2006
Luxemburg, Le Quotidien, WDR 2006
Spain, Elpais, WDR 2006
Luxemburg, Luxemburger Wort, WDR 2007
Luxemburg, Le quotidian, WDR 2007
Switzerland, Nachrichten, WDR 2007
Luxemburg, Tageblatt, WDR 2008
Luxemburg, Luxemburger Wort, WDR 2008
Switzerland, Nachrichten, WDR 2008
UK, Dorchester News, WDR 2008
Italy, L’Altravia, WDR 2009
Italy, Nationwide church leaflet, WDR 2009
UK, Total Catholic, WDR 2009
Luxemburg, Le Quotidien, WDR 2010
Luxemburg, Luxemburger Wort, WDR 2011