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Gathering, Conference, Concert, Poster Projects

The aim of the Project is to encourage student teams (between 2 and 4 students) to create posters which focus on the need to protect children in and around school zones, on public transport and within and outside vehicles. A secondary aim will be to remember those lost on our roads and highways. With children being particularly vulnerable as pedestrians or while riding, teams may also focus on why drivers and motor cyclists need to actively ensure children’s road safety needs. The only specific requirement is that all posters will include the following hashtags on their Posters:
#SaveKidsLives (United Nations 2015 theme of “Children and Road Safety”); and
#DriveSOS (SARAH’s primary theme to ensure road users “Drive So Others Survive”)
(NB. #DriveSoOthersSurvive may be used in place of #DriveSOS).
A secondary aim of the project is to involve the school community, and especially parents and older siblings. By emphasizing the cohort’s vulnerability and gaining the interest of parents and families, the Poster Project should have a wider impact by reinforcing the “Drive So Others Survive!” motto (ie. Driving at 40kph or below in school zones, safe passing of school buses, eliminating speeding and/or distracted driving by focussing on vulnerable road users etc).
Poster Project Timetable
June 2015 – Contact Schools about the Project “#SaveKidsLives”.
July to August 2015 – Students undertake research / Class discussions / Draft Posters prepared
Sept 2015 – School Poster display and storytelling by student teams
30 Sept 2015 – Schools assess, select and submit its Finalist for SARAH Road Safety Awards
30 Oct 2015 – SARAH announces 10 finalists and posters are uploaded to the Sarah Group website.
Nov 2015 – Announcement of 3 winners on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims – 15 Nov 2015.
Dec 2015 – SARAH and NRMA attend School Presentation or Assembly to present Winners with their Road Safety Ambassador Awards.

Sarah Group


Location Address:
PO Box 534
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Contact: Info@SarahGroup.Org



SARAH establishes partnerships to:
i) foster improved road safety awareness and responsibility at all levels within the community through education campaigns and initiatives;
II) honour those who have been killed on our roads and highways and support those families, friends and communities affected by road tragedy.
We are committed to promoting the “Vision Zero” Road Safety philosophy as the instrument for improved road safety.
Our Beliefs are clear
* Each person’s life is precious and can therefore never be ethically traded off against traffic mobility
* No person should be placed in harm’s way simply because of poor policy, poor planning, poor maintenance or poor procedures;
* Each of us must drive to actively protect other road users, and especially those road users involved in, or assisting at, a crash, breakdown or other incident!

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South Africa, Durban, Gathering, Education, 20 November 2016

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Lebanon, Beirut, Gathering, Religious service, 20 November 2016

<h3>Gathering/Meeting, Unveiling of Memorial, Religious Service</h3> <h3><strong>“World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims”</strong></h3

Gambia, South Gambia, Gathering, 29 November 2016

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Indonesia, Bandung, Gathering, Exhibition, 27 November 2016

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Pakistan, Sargodha, Gathering, Quiz, 20 November 2016

<h3>Gathering, Quiz on road safety</h3> <h3><strong>“<a href="" target="_blank">World Day of Remem

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