WDR Media “French”

Every year, a new World Day poster is offered via the World Day website. This year’s poster highlights two significant anniversaries: 20 years of the World Day being observed globally and 10 years since it was recognized by the United Nations.

The poster for 2015, with the distinctive World Day logo, will help draw attention to the global disaster of road death and injury – the sad reasons why this Day had to come into existence.

The designer of the 2015 poster is Muge (Maggie) Bakir (www.Moontop.co.uk), who is on our website team.

The WDR logo was designed by Simona Murialdo.

You can add your logos, but please do not remove the FEVR and Decade of Action logos from the posters.

For high resolution posters and any other media queries,  please contact: media@worlddayofremembrance.org

Please click on the images below to download the WDR posters.

Click on the small poster for a bigger poster


Please click on your country’s flag for the posters in your language:

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