Indonesia, Jakarta, Gathering, 18th November 2012

World Day of Remembrance, People’s Movement!

Statue of Pancoran stands tall and still. A very hectic traffic underneat- Pancoran intersection in South Jakarta is one of the busiest traffic points in Jakarta.

Tens of Road Safety Association Indonesia (RSA) volunteers gathered in Jakarta’s urban interchange in an action called World Day of Remembrance (WDR). The action to remember road accident victims on Sunday, 18/11/2012, started at 12:00pm local time.

To refresh our memory, there have been at least 280 thousand lives taken away from 1992 to 2012 due to traffic accidents. In 2011 alone, on average 89 lives each day were lost on the road.

Acknowledging how much damage accidents may cost us, including the misery and grief felt by the families left behind, we absolutely need to be more alert when driving. Stay away from butchery on the road!

RSA Indonesia volunteer who come from various backgrounds stood strong, withstanding the heavy rain and exhaust fumes. Some came on their own behalf, and some represented a community or a club. Some of the groups included Viva Bikers, HRC Jakarta, Gilamotor, Pulsarian, YJOC, HSJ, Jupiter Depok, ABC Depok, SRC Depok, KBSG, GBC Jakarta, SORC Jakarta, JMC Indonesia, SGCI, HSX 125 dan EMC.

Not only did they come to reminisce, put up banners and make an oration, but they also gave away flyers containing road safety messages to car drivers or motor bikers stopping at the traffic lights.

RSA Indonesia aims to socialize safe and secure driving awareness to the widest audience. Although done casually, it is expected that the safety messages will inspire road users to act more safely on the road. Safety is a necessity. Our beloved family is waiting for us at home.

People must empower themselves, arming themselves with knowledge, skills, and safe and secure driving behaviors. It is impossible to rely 100% on the government. The government is too busy with all their other businesses. The sincerity of the RSA Indonesia volunteers on that Sunday afternoon felt like an oasis in the desert. As I wrote this article below the Pancoran flyover on Sunday afternoon, they were still moving genuinely. They were enthusiastic and true. These self-financed volunteers were willing to sacrifice their holiday to share with others, to remind their brothers and sisters in Jakarta to stay focused and alert when driving, to urge them to avoid road tragedies. There is an urgency in this message, as on average 3 people die on the road everyday in Jakarta. (edo rusyanto)


“If You Think Safety is Difficult, Try an Accident”

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