Kuwait, Ahmadi, Conference, Exhibition, 16 November 2015

Conference/Seminar, Exhibition,

“World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims”

“Safe Driving Campaign –Together We can Save Lives” #WDR2015

Day 2 Event: 16th November 2015- Safe Driving Campaign -Together We Can Save Lives

This event is in continuation to 15 November 2015 -World day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims – Safe Driving Campaign -Together We Can Save Lives.

Brief about Campaign:
To contribute in the World day of Remembrance for Road Traffic victims and aiming to improve safety performance by reducing risk and potential harm to the drivers as well as to fellow road users we as a – Kuwait Oil Company, Major Projects & Technical Services Directorate, have organized a “Safe Driving Campaign – Together We can Save Lives” on 15th November 2015. In order to cover all the locations & to aware all the employees of Kuwait Oil company this Campaign will continue till 25th November 2015.

Event Organizers:
Kuwait Oil Company
Major Projects & Technical Services Directorate
Project Support Services Group
Quality & HSE Team

Event Organizer : Major Projects & Technical Services Directorate

• DCEO MP&TSD: Mr. Essam Al-Houti
• Manager PSSG: Mr. Mohsen Al-Shammari
• Team Leader Q&HSE: Mr. Faris Al-Mansouri
• Senior Environmental Engineer: Mr. Dhari Al-Anjeri
• Senior Environmentalist: Mrs. Anwar Al- Shehab
• Senior Environmentalist: Mrs. Eiman Al-Abdulghani
• Environmental Engineer: Mr. Fahad Al-Refai
• Senior Safety Engineer: Mr. Bader Al-Failakawi
• Senior Safety Engineer: Mr. Mohammed Al-Sadiqi
• Safety Engineer: Mr. Muruganantham Boosapathi
• Safety Engineer: Mr. Ameen Mohamed Saleem
• Controller Admin: Mr. Abdul Manan Kazi
• Lead Safety Engineer: Mr. Sayed Feroz AbdulRahim
• Safety Engineer: Mr. Aamir Rasheed
• Safety Engineer: Mr. Mirza Mustakbeg
• Safety officer: Mr. Farhan Ahmad

Details of Companies Contributed in this event:
Kuwait oil Company- Major Projects & Technical Services Directorate –Q&HSE Team.
This Event Safe Driving Campaign is organized by Kuwait oil Company- Major Projects & Technical Services Directorate –Q&HSE Team. During the campaign Q& HSE representatives were explaining the purpose of Campaign & contents to the attendees and distributed leaflets, Played Safe Driving videos on screen and the explained benefit of attending.

KGL Company presented the information related to Speed Monitoring Devices and the Tracking system and the benefit of fixing the speed monitoring devices in the vehicles.

Schlumberger in Kuwait shared the best practices to maintain the desired and achieved positive driving trend.
The “Rate my Driving Campaign “is one of the initiatives newly implemented in Kuwait. In the past, the passengers were requested to conduct driving audits on the drivers, however this approach wasn’t as efficient as it should be, as it depends on the passenger engagement and enthusiasm towards auditing the driver. The actual “Rate my Driving” approach is to have the drivers requesting an audit to be conducted on them while driving. This ensures that every trip is being monitored. Each driver is provided with a driving booklet and he will have to complete it within a time frame with the expected quality and standards. Once the booklet is completed, the driver’s booklet will be assessed, and the best driver will be rewarded accordingly. Moreover Eye testing machine was part of best practices.
The benefits of this initiative are as follows:
Build the drivers confidence while challenging the passengers that he is a professional good driver.
Increase Passenger Engagement and Responsibility.
Promotes Culture of Reporting and Feedback.
Every trip is monitored.
Promotes Positive Change in Driver Behavior

First Joint Group
First Joint Company presented the information on how to save the lives of drivers, and why it is considered importance of installing traffic surveillance cameras. Different types of monitoring cameras were displayed and the function of each cameras were explained in details.

NAPESCO Company shared the best practices to avoid traffic accidents. Driving simulators was arranged and attendees were given live demo on the simulators to provide drivers a method for practicing and improving their driving skills in a safe, “virtual” environment. This approach allows drivers to experience real-world hazards before they experience them on the road. This type of experience-based driver training may also reduce the frequency and severity of crashes.

Toyota Al-Sayer
Toyota Al-Sayer Company played videos on screen showing the major cause of incidents are due to distraction by using Social Medias (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.). Further explained how accidents can be avoided.

General Electric
General Electric Company displayed & explained the benefit of different types of equipment which are used in case of emergency breakdown of vehicle (battery jumper cables, Portable Tire Air Compressor, Gauges etc.). Additional leaflets were distributed on Safe Driving to prevent road accidents.

WeatherFord Company shared their company’s best practices to avoid traffic accidents. Additional leaflets were distributed on Safe Driving to prevent road accidents.

GDMC Company shared their company’s best practice to avoid traffic accidents. GDMC has introduced skyline GPS system which is installed in all of its light and heavy vehicles and it tracks the real time, location, Speed and direction of vehicles. GDMC achieved ZERO MVA after effective implementation of GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

STUDIO 52 company shared the information and benefits of awareness programs. This company helps company to convey the safety messages by preparing HSE Videos (HSE Moment etc) by creating appealing audio, video and imagery with advanced technology.

Attachment : PDF Copy Attached with Photos

Event Link: http://www.kockw.com

»It’s time to Remember – Say NO to Road Crime!«

Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company was established in 1934 by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which is known today as BP (British Petroleum), and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron.In 1975, the Kuwait Government took 100% control over Kuwait Oil Company, and by 1980, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was established to bring all state owned oil companies under one entity.
Today, KOC continues to live up to its stated mission of exploring, developing and producing Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources for its customers around the world in a way that is environmentally sound and economically viable

Kuwiat oil company ,Al-Tameer Building, Ahmadi – . Kuwait
Ahmadi- Al-Tameer building 61008/9758
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Contact: FMANSOUR@kockw.com



KOC – Post-Master-Message-on-Safe-Driving-Campaign

KOC – Safety-Flash-Safe-Driving-Together-We-Can-Save-Lives 

KOC – Event-Day-2-World-Day-of-Rememberance-for-Road-Traffic-Victims-Safe-Driving-Campaign-Together-We-Can-Save-Life



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