Luxemburg, Gathering, 20th November 2011

The Association nationale des Victimes de la Route (AVR) will plant the first 200 of 1,000 trees in the Road Victim Memorial Wood, where a monument will also be placed next year on the organisation’s 20th anniversary. Representatives from government and relevant agencies will join the bereaved and injured at a church service and gathering, both held in Medernach.

Present at this World Day gathering in Medernach were Luxemburg’s Transport Minister Claude WISELER, Minister of Justice François BILTGEN, EU Parliament MEP Georges BACH, the Mayor of Medernach Bob BINTZ, president Road Safety Association Paul HAMMELMANN, director of Young Drivers Formation Center Marc PANNACCI, AVR vice-president Nico WELTER and AVR & FEVR president Jeannot MERSCH.

Paul Molitor played the Victim Hymn composed by Jeannot Mersch, and the bereaved, the injured and the families of the injured put down pieces of puzzles which listed all the emotions experienced by them at different times since that tragic event.

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  1. May Altarejos-Cueva
    November 29th, 2011 – 13:53Hello Jeannot! I am deeply touched viewing your events. Can you please share the “Victim Hymn” that you composed? I didn’t know you are a talented composer. You can email to me or you can upload in youtube where i can look out for. Please advice.

It has been a very hectic and crammed preparation for our WDR this year especially with our Mom’s demise on November 2nd and interment on the 5th. The steering committee met only on the 8th and collaborating activities with various program partners can drive one crazy – but all in God’s grace, our multi-programs went well and we were able to appreciate the solemnity and real meaning of our events … now with more people and organizations and companies signifying their interest and commitment to adopt the Decade and WDR programs as Project CARES RS10P program partner :)

Warmest regards to our colleagues in FEVR and AVR



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