Mexico, Yucatan, Motul, Gathering, 21 November 2016

Gathering, Minute of Silence

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR)

As every year on the third Sunday of November, the United Movement for Our Road Safety in the City of Motul, Yucatan, Mexico, commemorates the World Day in Remembrance of Traffic Victims in its Seventh Edition.
This activity was initiated by Luís Manuel Can Rosel on a Monday, November 21, 2010, with a walk that left the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Colonia Felipe Carrillo Puerto, towards the center of the city, To the Municipal Palace. On that first trek they took candles, which were deposited in memory of all those people of Motul, who died in accidents or road accidents.
This year 2016, the World Day in Memory of Traffic Accidents Victims, in Motul, coincided with the parade on November 20, so the commemoration took place on Saturday, November 19 at 9 am, where Carried out the Seventh Walk , the Fifth Ring of Sirens and for the First Time the White Globe Liberation with Helium was performed .
The goal is to honor those who have died or been injured with a life-long disability, caused by accidents or traffic accidents. It is to reflect that the life of a person and an entire family, can change in any second, by fault or irresponsibility and recklessness of a driver. The day is to create awareness that sinister roads can be avoided, creating our own road culture from our homes and in schools, and working together with the authorities.


“Luís Manuel Can Rosel”

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Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Motul, Yucatan
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