Nigeria, Visual art Exhibition on road safety in Nigeria, 11/16/2018

Event organization: PATVORA Initiative NGO

Event info: The Art Exhibition is a partnership between the PATVORA initiative and Akan David, an enigmatic contemporary award winning artist of proven integrity. 15 works of visual art on all 5 pillars of UN Decade of Action with relevance to the theme of WDR 2918 – ‘Roads have stories’

The art exhibition will be carried out under the umbrella of Nigerian Road Safety Partnership, a driving force behind the project and sponsors of the Initiative. The objective is to raise awareness through visual art on the importance of road safety, safer mobility andvremeber our beloved ones lost to road crashes. The public outing will present well researched visually stimulating and thoughtful paintings that will help bridge gaps in broad safety.

Location: Radio House, Abuja
Radio House, Abuja Abuja




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Nigeria, PATVORA Initiative NGO