Advocacy Materials

The  NGO ‘Brussels Declaration  is a global advocacy tool for all NGOs, as is the Guide for Nongovernmental Organizations


The World Day offers an opportunity for advocacy – advocacy re policy changes, better laws and their application, voluntary adoption or enforcement of road safety measures, rights and better treatment of road crash victims, etc. – so that the toll of road deaths and injuries can be reduced or best eliminated.


Here will be found examples of Advocacy Materials, saved as pdf or jpeg and arranged under continents. More contributions are invited.



America North

America South


Japan – soft car drive in Ishinomaki disaster area, 2011




UK, Tailgating poster, 2005

UK, Crash not Accident, 2007

Fevr Black Box Briefing, 2007

Portugal – WDR, 2008

Poland – Road crashes, Let’s talk, 2009

Germany – 30km poster

Greece, Athens, Helmet publicity, 2011

Greece, Rhodos, stickers, 2011

Greece, Rhodos, flags, 2011


New Zealand, Safekids, Car seat with cross, 2011