Yemen, Sana’a, Gathering, 15-25 November 2015


“World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims”

STOP Organization for Traffic Safety
Sana’a – Yemen


STOP Organization for Road Safety will mark the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims on Sunday, November 15th, 2015 through the work of photo’s exhibition consists of 20 under the slogan of


In Faculty of Mass Communication
Faculty of Shareah & Law
Sana’a University

The Activities are divided into two sections:

– First one is Awareness And Guidance Photo Gallery in Faculty of Mass Communication
Traffic (Photo Gallery)

• Photos caricature awareness for guidance only.
• The other is the picture of the real horrific accidents to take cues lesson.
• Distributing the awareness brochure about road safety for all road crossing.

– Second one is a Seminar Lecture in the Faculty of Shareah & Law

Events & Activities Objectives :
(1) The recognition of this day (the World Day of Remembrance for traffic accidents victims ).
(2) Stand for a minute of silence for the victims of traffic accidents.
(3) To draw a lesson from the past through the harrowing incidents caused by humans.
(4) Educate citizens and drivers how to know what is road safety and how to use the road properly.
(5) To know the effectiveness of the citizen with the goals and directions of our organization in order to achieve partnership in promoting a culture of traffic safety.

Program of Events:
1) Making a seminar in Traffic Law & Road Safety in Yemen with attendance of Road Safety Specialists and Doctors in the filed of Law, Traffic and activists and a students of Faculty of Law and other University’s Faculties
2) Receive visitors effectiveness and make them aware of and respond to their inquiries.
3) Launch of efficiency and cut the tape in the presence of the first agent capital secretariat and the head of the organization.
4) Stood mourning for the victims of accidents on the roads for a minute in 10:30.
5) The work of a cultural competition on traffic signals and traffic rules.
6) Take a tour of a small awareness drive carrying banners awareness on city.

mohammed al- shami

Tell: +967 –777570661

Event Link:

»It’s time to Remember – Say NO to Road Crime!«

STOP Organization for Traffic Safety

STOP Organization for Road Safety

STOP Organization for Road Safety is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization dedicated to activate the role of society with its different groups in boosting the ways of road safety to limit traffic accidents. This organization practices its work according to the official license issued from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. (921) for 2012. Its headquarter is located in the Greater Municipality, Sana’a. It is also the first organization in Yemen to be concerned with road safety.

Our Vision:

We want our organization to become a pioneer one in the Middle East in educating, researching, and developing in the field of road safety, and to be a main research center for limiting traffic accidents.

Our Message:

You are our main interest, so be a part of us and share in spreading the education of road safety. Let’s work hand in hand to have a Yemen without traffic accidents.

Our Goals:

1- Activating the role of society with its different groups to contribute to boosting the ways of road safety to limit traffic accidents through giving lectures in traffic awareness, and adherence to traffic principles and instructions to use roads safely.
2- Coordinating and participating with governmental institutions concerned with traffic accidents to determine reasons of accidents and find solutions for them.
3- Making symposiums and projects that serve the society and support the procedures of traffic safety which reduce accidents in the Republic of Yemen.
4- Creating educating programs and materials or techniques in the field of traffic safety which are executable in the real ground.
5- Providing concerned authorities with suggestions about amending some laws related to traffic accidents.
6- Establishing a research center specialized in traffic safety studies.
7- Training and qualifying roads’ users in traffic safety.
8- Founding a charitable fund for traffic accidents.
9- Forming voluntary groups which work to reduce the phenomenon of traffic accidents.
10- Issuing and publishing instructions related to the safety of individuals and society in terms of health and environment.
11- Working together with private organizations, associations, unions, and, corporations to create a society without traffic accidents.

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