World Day of Remembrance in 2020

25 years since FEVR began to observe the World Day

15 years since the United Nations adopted the World Day

unanimously, on 26.10.2005, as “the appropriate acknowledgement for victims of road traffic crashes and their families” See Resolution here

From 1995, Road Victim Advocacy NGOs under the umbrella of the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, FEVR, observed this Day – first as European Day of Remembrance, but soon as World Day when NGOs from South Africa, Argentina and Israel, who were members of FEVR, also joined. The World Health Organisation. WHO, realised that the World Day provided vital recognition of the suffering of bereaved and injured road crash victims, as well as being a helpful advocacy tool for road safety actors. WHO therefore strongly supported the UN’s adoption of the World Day. For the History of the World Day see here and please send the translation into your language at

 The theme is reflected in the World Day poster and video, produced and shared globally via the World Day team.
More about the WDoR’s International recognition is available here

World Day Themes during 2011 – 2020 (Decade of Action)

To bring the Decade of Action for Road Safety to everyone’s attention and call for meaningful actions to mark the World Day, in agreement with WHO this slogan was chosen for the entire decade:

From Global Remembrance to Global Action across the Decade

Let’s make 2011-2020 a Decade to remember!

Additionally, coordinated by FEVR, a specific theme based on the 5 Pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action was proposed and agreed with WHO, UNRSC and the Global NGO Alliance – each year’s theme highlighting actions under one of the Pillars. The theme was reflected in the World Day poster and video, produced and shared globally by the World Day team. All themes are available here

World Day Theme for 2020 and onwards (Decade 2020 – 2030)

 Proposed slogan and theme for 2020:

 All lives are precious and must not end prematurely

Thank you for saving the lives of road crash victims!

Life is precious

We are living in exceptional times – global attention concentrates this year on the Covid-19 pandemic. The celebration of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims will certainly be very low on most people’s and organisations’ agendas, with the conditions impossible to predict at this time. But this does not mean that the preparations for World Day 2020 needn’t go ahead, especially the choice of the World Day theme, which helps unite road victims and road safety actors worldwide.

The corona pandemic has made people throughout the world aware of how very precious life is – that every single life matters and should therefore not end ahead of time if this can at all be prevented.

We, who are dedicated to ending the road death and injury pandemic, feel equally strongly about stopping premature deaths and injuries in road crashes.

We therefore propose the following slogan for the next decade of World Day commemorations:

All lives are precious and must not end prematurely (tbc)

The focus of the theme for World Day 2020 is on celebrating those who work so hard to save lives, namely the emergency professionals, to whom we are deeply grateful for saving the lives of road traffic victims, expressed in this simple thank you message:

Thank you for saving the lives of road crash victims! (tbc)

200 days till WDoR 2020 – video message from Jeannot Mersch, FEVR President

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