Organizations Throughout India Participate in the WDoR Initiative

In the St. George Orthodox Church of Puthuppally Pally, the 20th of November will start with the “Holy Qurbana, followed by a gathering of church members with special prayers for those who have lost lives on Roads” –

The Women & Child Welfare Society observes the World Day of Remembrance in the Gamhandia New Colony –

At the Patiala Road Victims Memorial, the Patiala Foundation will pay homage to victims of road accidents. They intend to generate a “helpline number for the Road Victims for seeking compensation” –

The Intercontinental Road Safety Probe Confederation is organizing a Road Safety Pledge to offer to students and athletes at the K.D. Sing Babu Stadium. Explanations will be provided on “how to prevent of road accidents by obeying the road safety rules and regulations, and how to behave on roads” –

The Mayank Foundation will fill Ferozpur City’s Municipal Park with banners and posters to spread awareness on the 20 November –

Finally, in the Freedom Park Bengalore, the Biking Community of India is gathering bikers to come together, “remember road victims and support safe riding” –