Saturday, November 19th 2022 – WDoR Events

This year, the date before the official marking of WDoR is also one full of events:

A commemoration ceremony is organized in Luxembourg by the National Association of Road Victims. Access is open for anyone who wishes to remember and support those affected at the “Lieu du Souvenir”. The program and address are available here

The Mentor And Mentee African initiative (MAMA) is holding a Road Safety Awareness Walk this Saturday, which will be followed by a conference and award ceremony on the 20th. Traffic officers will be rewarded for their work and the lost and injured lives will be commemorated in Nigeria. Find more information here.

The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority has been engaging for WDoR this last week, and their program does not end soon. On Saturday the 19th, they have planned a wreath laying in the morning. On this link, you may find their full diverse program spanning from Friday to Sunday.

In Bogor City, Indonesia, November 19 is fully planned, starting at 6:00 am with a series of testimonies from families affected by road traffic accidents. The national anthem will then be sang and prayers will be read, followed by a series of speeches and finally a distribution of prosthetic legs, wheelchairs and canes for physical support to those affected. Details here.

The Save the Nation Road Safety Program from Ethiopia has planned a visit to victims of road traffic accidents in two hospitals. Their goal is to sensibilize and bring awareness to workers of commercial transport associations. Open the event here.

At midday, the Driver Academy of Curacao will be contacting media and the government to send a ribbon and article related to the World Day of Remembrance. Find more information here.

The Traffic Safety Council Of Zimbabwe is organizing a march in Bulawayo on the 19 November to commemorate road accident victims and note the World Day of Remembrance 2022. Event link here.

In Algeria, the 19th of November is the opening date of a road safety club by the Road Safety Association Tizi-Ouzou. The club is named Ixulaf Decade 2021/2030. Find the address and more information here.

The Minsitry of Transport and Public Works of Botswana will be hosting a workshop this Saturday around the theme of ‘Justice’, giving road traffic victims a platform to share their experiences – here is the link to the event.

Finally, Minnesota will have its 3rd annual recognition of WDoR in the afternoon of November 19 – “Honoring people killed on Minnesota roads in 2022. Remember, Support, Act”. Find out more here.