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World Day 2016 Theme:



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The World Day offers the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous

scale and impact of road death and injury and the urgent need for action

Haiti - Handicap International - World Day 2015

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Pakistan, Karachi, Outdoor World Day Event, 2014

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Greece, Service in Rhodes, WDR 2009

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Laos, Vientiane, Vigil, World Day 2014

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Indonesia - Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik - 15 November 2015

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Vienna, 930 Balloons for WDR 2002

The Remembrance Day responds to the great need of road crash victims

for public recognition of their loss and suffering

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Key Risk Factors:


Impaired Driving (alcohol/drugs/fatigue)

Deficient Road Infrastructure

Non use of Seat-Belts

Non use of Child Restraints

Failing to use Motorcycle Helmets

Cell-phone use and texting

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In 2015 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of UN's adoption of the World Day

(26 October 2005)

Vietnam - 15,000 people attended the Requiem ceremony in Ninh Binh City, 2013

What we do?

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year...
This day, initiated by road victims in 1993 and adopted by the UN on 26th October 2005, is dedicated to remembering the many millions killed and injured in road crashes, their families and communities more…

Theme for 2017

From Global Remembrance to Global Action across the Decade

2020 Target: reduce road fatalities AND serious injuries by 50%*

*Sustainable Development Goal 3.6: Reduce fatalities & serious injuries by 50% by 2020
*based on Global Plan

Key Road Crash Factors
Impaired Driving (alcohol/drugs/fatigue)
Deficient Road Infrastructure
Non Use of Seat Belts
Non Use of Child Restraints
Failing to Wear Motorcycle Helmets
Cell-Phone Use/Texting
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