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This is an open invitation for all road safety advocates — from governments and the private sector organizations, from all over the world.

PROJECT CARES is sharing the song video “SAVE MORE LIVES”, an original lyrics and music composed by Monica Ferandez and Eugene Montenero dedicated to all families of victims and survivors, and to our traffic police and emergency responders – in support of the global celebration of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

The song video may be uploaded on YouTube:

SAVE MORE LIVES song video may be used as a road safety and injury prevention audio-visual learning material during lectures, symposia or public campaigns. You can make the song as your music background during programs. Group or participants’ interactions may be encouraged with a group singing activity. Best time to use during World Day of Remembrance, November 15.

Also, in the spirit of strengthening local, national, and global unity among road safety and road crash victims advocates/NGOs and governments, SAVE MORE LIVES may be used to collaborate WITH ROAD SAFETY COLLEAGUES to produce a (non-commercial, not for profit) song or film tribute dedicated to families of victims, to a survivor, or to NGOs/police/ traffic and emergency responders.

HOW? Join the Facebook Event Page: 2020 World Day – Save More Lives (Tribute Songs & Videos) by clicking this link: ……. and share snapshots or photos / news releases of the program where you used the song or song video. Just include these HASHTAGS for all the shares you do on social media resources —

This collaborative online event may continue throughout the year until next year’s #2021WDoR celebration. Output(s) of this event will be OUR LEGACY for the next generation of road safety advocates and NGOs.