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Butterflies for Life – Beatriz, Brazil

Porto Alegre, Brazil Rua Botafogo, 918 Porto Alegre 90150-052 Brazil

Thiago Gonzaga Foundation

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, created by the UN in 2005, is a date of longing and tribute to those who left, but also of reflection for society and governments. The Thiago Gonzaga Foundation joins the global actions, with interventions in the city of Porto Alegre and participation in a national event.
Butterflies for Life – Through this acclaimed project, The Foundation marks the places where lives were lost to traffic violence. On this World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims two points of Porto Alegre were painted. Beatriz Jaeger Nunes, 19 years old and Wesley da Silva Cezar, 6, were honored. The “Butterflies for Life” are, at the same time, a tribute to those who left and an alert for everyone who come by these places. The project is supported by the Porto Alegre City Hall, through EPTC, which has already incorporated this sign as a city traffic symbol. In 2020 alone, 90 butterflies have already been painted.