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On the memorial day, we organize a meeting with non-governmental organizations interested in traffic and road safety. Head of safety traffic, World Health Organization Turkey representative will attend.

The meeting will start at 17:00.
During the week, announcements were made to non-governmental organizations, cycling communities, the press and political parties.
meeting schedule
Istanbul Commerce University Transportation Engineer – TRAP President Prof.Dr. MUSTAFA ILICALI
World Health Organization Turkey Office Non-Communicable Diseases and Wellness Manager DR. TOKER ERGUDER
MEHMET YAVUZ, Head of the Traffic Department of the General Directorate of Security
Quik Insurance General Manager AHMET YAŞAR
TRAP Secretary General YEŞİM AYÖZ
Bicycle Transport Development Platform Spokesperson MUSTAFA KARAKUŞ
AYHAN METİN, Chairman of the Disability Commission of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation
Question answer
The meeting will be held via zoom and will also be broadcast on the youtube channel of Istanbul Commerce University.