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Lincolnshire World Day of Remembrance Service for Road Victims, United Kingdom

St Matthew's Church, Lumley Avenue Skegness PE25 2AT United Kingdom

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Religious Service

A World day of remembrance service for road victims is held the third Sunday of November every year across the county of Lincolnshire to commemorate the lives lost on our roads and to support the victims of road fatalities and injury, and offer thanks to those in the Emergency Services that respond in the aftermath of a crash.

This year Skegness has been asked if it would host the service which will be held in St Matthew’s Church , Lumley Avenue, Skegness, PE25 2AT @ 2.30pm on Sunday November 20th 2022.

The service, as in previous years, will have the the mayor, members of the emergency services, and those that have been directly effected taking part in this service by way of a bible reading, poem, or a part in the prayers.

The service, though Christian based, is open to all people of any and no faith who have been effected by the trauma of a Road Traffic Collision of any type or in any way, and is a time to help the bereaved and injured find expression for their sorrow and give them the courage to go forward, whilst also highlighting the consequences and costs of road crashes and reminding members of society of their responsibility to make roads safer.