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I produced, am the author, creator and owner of the documentary “Navio da Despedida”. It is the result of an independent, low-budget production, with CPB registration at the Agência Nacional do Cinema (ANCINE), a work not awarded, but selected at an international film festival in Amsterdam, Spain and Italy.

The invitation is to watch the documentary, not yet publicly available. It was created for dissemination for informational, educational, human and social purposes, and without commercial purposes. In particular, I am making this invitation to offer people, in general, access to the documentary so that they can benefit by acquiring some knowledge and perception derived from its content, either with publicity in public exhibition, in some places or entities, with informative, educational, human and social.

This documentary was inspired by the death (2013) of the young Azoth Brandão Bertarello. And also due to the importance of society and the individual, knowing, learning and dealing with the lack of humanization, awareness, knowledge, prevention, and the illusion, the sequel, the difficulty of coping, the various interferences, influences and overlaps, of the various cultural universes: relevant factors in part of the experience and the meaning, of death and of life, that a person may have or encounter.
A tiny seed, slowly germinating, makes its way through a hard earth, being watered and in the sun, it sprouts, opens in flower and spreads its fruit – this tiny work, disseminated by opening a crack in the rigidity, of the taboo, of the “white” ignorance in around the context of the occurrence of “death”, of every derivation of denial of death, can bear good fruit if watered by us.

One of the reasons why I made my documentary “Ship of Farewell” was to lightly introduce information to people, acquire some information so they can better deal with a grieving person and also get to know a little bit of the reality around the occurrence of death, and even for young people to be more prudent to avoid suffering to those they love.

Watch here