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The General Assembly of the United Nations Organization UN, in 2005, has established on the third Sunday of November the WORLD DAY IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE VICTIMS OF TRAFFIC INCIDENTS. Joining this international commemoration – 2021, Luz Ámbar invites everyone to participate in the following virtual activities:

Friday, November 19 10:00 h .: Forum “For life on the roads: remember, support, act. Transmission via Facebook Live @LuzAmbarONG

Friday, November 19, 1:00 p.m.: Publication of the virtual monument “Silenced on the roads”

Saturday 20 November 19:00 h .: Vigil (virtual) for the “World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Traffic Accidents” Transmission via Facebook Live @LuzAmbarONG

Sunday, November 21 10 a.m. m. Virtual commemoration of the World Day of remembrance of the victims of traffic accidents. Transmission via Facebook Live @LuzAmbarONG.

Sunday, November 21 11 a.m. m. Transmission of the Mass. Transmission via Facebook Live @LuzAmbarONG.

Program here