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Kampala,Uganda Plot 182, Kaduyu Road, Kiwatule-Kampala Kampala 256 Uganda

Uganda Professional Drivers ' Network

Uganda Professional Drivers Network (UPDN) coordinated the National commemoration in Uganda on November 17, 2019 and in the same vain is mobilising stakeholders to participate in the 2020 activity on Sunday 15th November, to join the rest of the world in the remembrance of road traffic victims in our country. The purpose of this commemoration is to bring to national attention the devastating impact of road deaths and injuries on families and a call to action on the Government of Uganda to operationalise the currently redundant National Road safety strategy with amendments, to effectively support people affected by road traffic crashes.
Objectives of the Activity:
1.To remember the people killed and empathize with the suffering of the bereaved families.
2.To acknowledge the work of all those in the aftermath of the road crashes (police, doctors and ambulance personnel
3.To raise awareness of the magnitude and impact of road traffic crushes on families and society and the need for improved post-crash care and support for the bereaved and the injured.
Key Activities:
The proposed activities include;
i.Media engagement on road safety post road rash management; ie SMS, Documentaries news supplements and TV/radio discussions involving road accidents survivors
ii.Organise an interdenominational service in remembrance of road traffic victims at a gazetted pubic place. Organise a march or procession to venue of the interdenominational service led by a brass band.
iii.Pictures’ display in commemoration of the victims and speeches by selected leaders, representatives of victims and guest speaker.
iv.Calling on the Government to operatianalise the National Road Safety Strategy with amendments
Key targeted stakeholders / partners in the organisation of the DoR of road traffic victims:
1.Government agencies
3.Private Sector
4.Civil Society Organisations
6.Development Partners