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COVID-19 has changed the norm of school activities, where activities that involve close interactions, especially co-curricular activities were affected. With the presence of emerging technologies, students now can learn and acquire knowledge through online platforms, have virtual interaction with their peers and teachers without having to meet physically. The Ministry of Education Malaysia also encouraged co-curricular activities to be held online by using different kinds of applications.

SAFE STEPS Kids comprises a series of 12 public service video announcements of 50 seconds in length. Each video features a set of characters from a well-known Cartoon Network series who will anchor the storytelling process to raise awareness and provide easy-to-understand educational information on life-threatening issues thus building a more resilient future generation.

In conjunction with the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, the Malaysian Red Crescent Youth conduct a SAFE STEPS Kids learning session on Road Safety, featuring the Amazing World of Gumball, targeting primary school students.

The live session will consist of introduction to #WDoR, road safety SAFE STEPS video-watching, explanation, interactive quiz and Q&A.

Related materials also be shared on Google Classroom in between live sessions.