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Światowy Dzień Pamięci Ofiar Wypadków Drogowych, Poland

Małopolska, Zabawa Ul. Bł. Karoliny 69 33-133, Poland


Two words that change live: road crash. Who to turn to when life stops and loses its meaning? In Poland, the answer to this question is ‘Passage’. The basic statutory objective of the organization is to help victims of road crashes and crimes against health and life. It was thanks to the association, that the only monument in Poland dedicated to the victims of road crashes was created. It is an answer to the need to establish a memorial for victims of road crashes and a space for contemplation for people injured in crashes, as well as their families.
Its current form, full of spiritual symbols, is a reference to the dramatic feelings that accompany human tragedies, while at the same time being a catharsis space. The Association runs regular psychological workshops for families and victims. For many years it has been making efforts to create a nationwide complex for all victims: The Trauma Treatment Centre, which will be able to approach post-crash care in Poland in a holistic, comprehensive way. The event in Zabawa on November 21st is the main national event, gathering all victims together. Apart of Holy Mass, the celebrations include lightening of symbolic light, planting a tree of remembrance, conference and a concert.