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Tree of Life, Brazil

Porto Alegre, Brazil Av. Pres. João Goulart, 551 Porto Alegre 90010-120 Brazil

Thiago Gonzaga Foundation

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, created by the UN in 2005, is a date of longing and tribute to those who left, but also of reflection for society and governments. The Thiago Gonzaga Foundation joins the global actions, with interventions in the city of Porto Alegre and participation in a national event.
Tree of Life – Artistic intervention located on the Guaíba shore, one of the main tourist spots in Porto Alegre received new butterflies. Mothers and fathers of the Vida Urgente Support Groups are responsible for this artistic intervention that takes the message of caring for life in traffic to citizens and tourists in the city. The hands, which can no longer hug their children, produce beautiful butterflies – symbol of the Vida Urgente – that “fly” around the tree.