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Launching of the video “The Other Pandemic”

This work is part of the collaboration agreement signed with AICEFOV I Asociación Iberoamericana de Centros de Educación y Formación Vial and has the support of Fundación MAPFRE.

Objective: Traffic crashes are violent and unexpected events that cause immense family tragedies when a loved one dies or is badly injured for life.

They are a worldwide pandemic, with Latin American countries being the most affected with more than 130,000 people killed and 6 million injured each year, which represents an unacceptable social, economic and, above all, human cost.

This awareness and sensitization video, made specifically for driving school students in Latin America, seeks to transform road behavior through the first-person testimonies of those who experience this forgotten pandemic on a daily basis.

We firmly believe that the professional training of road safety educators and the inclusion of the vision of the victims in these programs, as well as in the training classrooms, in all those countries where AICEFOV, FICVI and Fundación MAPFRE are represented, will contribute to a better understanding of the perception of risk and the implications of the human drama that road accidents represent for society as a whole. Because #EveryLifeCounts #EveryLifeCounts.

The original video in Spanish is subtitled in Portuguese and English.

watch: here  

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