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Walk, Gathering, Candle Vigil, Pray., Pakistan

Lhore, ZOO, Pakistan

World day of Rememberance for Road Traffic Victims.
Details of events from 15. Nov. 2021 to 21. Nov. 2021.
15. Nov. Monday.
Gathering, Pray & Candle Vigil in a School at Lahore.
16. Nov. Tuesday.
Walk, Pray & Candle Vigil in a public park with Traffic Police Khushab.
17. Nov. Wednesday.
Awareness session, Pray & Candle Vigil in Auditorium with Traffic Police Multan.
18. Nov. Thursday.
Awareness campaign, Pray & Candle Vigil in Public Park at Rawalpindi.
19. Nov. Friday.
Awareness Session, Pray & Candle Vigil with Traffic Police Abbottabad.
20. Nov. Saturday.
Quiz on Road safety, Pray & Candle Vigil with Mansehra Traffic Police.
21. Nov. Sunday.
Awareness Campaign, Walk, Pray & Candle Vigil at
Lahore Zoo.