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WDoR 2021 -at Midview Ciy, Singapore

Midview City, #01-94, 24 Sin Ming Lane 573970. Singapore


WDoR2021-World Day of Remembrance 2021

Due to covid-19 restriction on mass gathering in Singapore, the offline gathering which we had observed in 2020 will be tentatively on “event plan” only. however, we are focus on the default event which will be a virtual gathering of likeminded “invites” who come into the virtual flatform through BRZE ‘s facebook account to share their own experiences and also the theme of WDoR2021. In Singapore in 2020 alone, we had 85 victims accountable who lost their lives to road accidents.

Our Marketing team will have 2 campaigns to drive Road Safety Awareness;

1) Pre-event 29th Oct t-21th Nov 2021
2) small token of participation i.e. souvenirs sponsored by BRZE for the public to share good road behaviour video contribution from 7th -30th Nov & post event wrap up.

* Additionally in the event there is an easing of covvid-19 gathering restriction, the offline gathering for WDoR2021 will also have an offline element to augment the online virtual gathering as not all like minded “invites” will turn up ie at our accident report centre which is also our office site at Midview City, #01-94, 24 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573970. For 2021 we had our WDoR2021 event at our office.