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On the eve of World day of Rememberance for Road Traffic Victims – Details of events from 15. Nov. 2021 to 21. Nov. 2021.
Programs organized by NGO TRSF (Transport & Road safety Foundation) for one Week, (from 13. Nov to 20. Nov 2022)
13. Nov Sunday, gathering & briefing with Havey Bikers at Lake City, Lahore.
14. Nov Monday, Road safety awareness campaign with ITP Islamabad.
15. Nov Tuesday, Road safety awareness walk, Lecture & Pray for Victims in different Schools at Abbottabad.
16. Nov Wednesday, Road safety awareness Camp, Walk & Lecture in Different Colleges at Mansehra.
17. Nov Thursday, Road safety awareness Camp, Walk,Briefing & pray for Victims at Sahiewal.
18. Nov Friday, Lecture about Road safety, in Schools at Lahore.
19. Nov Saturday, Quiz show on Road safety awareness & Walk in Schools at Lahore.
20. Nov Sunday, Road safety awareness camp, Walk & Pray for Victims at Lahore Zoo.