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World Day of Remembrance Recognition Week, Kansas, USA

Bureau of Transportation Safety Topeka 66603 United States

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Safety has taken the lead on several methods of recognizing WDoR though a wide-spread electonically delivered campaign.

1) Run statewide press release 11/18 English/Spanish
2) Feature a WDoR graphic/write-up in the November Kansas Department of Transportation employee newsletter Translines
3) Run custom GIF images for social media and share image with transportation safety stakeholders for distribution
4) Run graphics and WDoR weblink on condensed employee news En Route November
5) Create a template auto signature with the ribbon and tagline/action item for all employees to use week of 11/14-18
6) Dedicate top-down November Transportation Safety email message to all KDOT employees on WDoR
7) Place feature WDoR graphic and weblink on KDOT Internet front page week of 11/14-18.
8) IT will place the attached black ribbon graphic and tagline on all employee computers as screen saver week of 11/14-18.
9) Place WDOR messages on DMS signs Nov. 18-19,