World Day 2021 events planned to take place in Asia

The Philippines – on 22.11. at 8 am – A virtual celebration live-streamed via the Dept. of Education Philippines / Dept.Ed Tayo / Facebook pages – to all elementary and secondary schools and all schools offices, and including a candle–lighting ceremony and discussion on road safety. Full info

India, Jaipur – on 21.11. at 12 am – online webinar and workshops by the Muskaan Foundation for Road Safety with schools as participants. Full info 

Yemen, Sana’a – on 21.11. at 12 am – a conference, lectures, launch of the safety campaign, and awareness seminar by the STOP Organisation for Road Safety Yemen. Full info

Iran, Tehran – on 21.11. at 12 am – Showing Safe bike, Safer traffic video via education network of Iran by the Touring and Automobile Club of Iran. Full info

Singapore, Midview City – from 29th October to 30th November 2 campaigns by BRZE (Accident Assist SG). Full info