A Worldwide Phenomenon: Multiple Countries Join WDoR

Countries all around the world are participating in the WDoR initiative with many different events. On the WDoR website, one can find details about initiatives like ASR’s meeting and press release in Tunisia, Ethiopia’s full month of planned events, the Australian social media campaign by ARSF, Panama’s religious service dedicated to WDoR, the Moldovan road safety training for university students, and many more.

In Kenya, events are planned at several locations: an awareness walk, tree planting and school zone launch in Mombasafundraiser tree planting in the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, a road show in Nakuru and even an online streamed candlelight memorial

Greece has a voluntary blood donation day, a memorial will be unveiled in Bogota, Colombia and road safety leaflets will be distributed in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The OSEV (Organizaciones Ciudadanas pr la Seguridad Vial) Organizations in Chile have organized markings of WDoR in Antofagasta, Inquique, Lanco, Lota and more.

These events and many more make WDoR a true worldwide phenomenon, urging people everywhere to Remember, Support and Act for road safety.